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About Sandy Spring Civic Association
The Sandy Spring Civic Association (SSCA) was founded in 1958 as one of the first equal collaborative efforts between the African American community and the Quaker community in the village of Sandy Spring, Maryland. The mission was to provide equality and the highest advantages in living conditions, social welfare and equality under the law for all who resided in the community. 

The founders of the Sandy Spring Civic Association, Mrs. Carolyn Snowden, Mrs. Caroline Schaffler, Mr. George Campbell, Mrs. Georgianna Campbell and Mrs. Mary Moore Miller, saw the disparity between the ethnic communities residing in Sandy Spring and became, in essence, civil rights activists on behalf of the historic village by forming the civic association to secure adequate laws and social advantages for all. Mrs. Snowden became the first President of the Sandy Spring Civic Association and remained in various positions on the Executive Board for more than 40 years.  

The first act of the Sandy Spring Civic Association, on behalf of the community, was to secure paving for Chandlee Mill Road. Until intervention by the SSCA, Chandlee Mill Road, located in the historic Freeman’s Village of Sandy Spring, was a dirt road that was not accessible to school buses. The students attending Sherwood High School would have to walk to Brooke Road through mud and snow in order to attend school. The SSCA initiated efforts working with local Montgomery County legislators and the Sherwood High School PTA and secured a paved road in the early 1960's.  

Today, the Sandy Spring Civic Association continues to work tirelessly on behalf of all residents of our community to attain the highest advantages by securing sustainable amenities that provide adequate services and opportunities to our growing community while preserving the character of the historic village. Over the years, the SSCA has secured a traffic signal at Brooke Road and Meetinghouse Road, secured major infrastructure improvements and a traffic signal at Norwood and Dr. Bird Roads, sponsored community efforts to revitalized the commercial Sandy Spring Village Center, secured entrance signage for the historic village center, worked with the Montgomery County Park and Planning Department on future growth and Master Plan development initiatives and founded the Ross Boddy/Carolyn Snowden Scholarship to provide graduating high school seniors with financial assistance to pursue higher educational opportunities.  The Civic Association has also worked on behalf of indiividual citizens to assist them in resolving issues of concern to them as well as providing educational informative presentations that address local and state initiatives.

The second Monday of each month, the SSCA holds an informational and educational meeting for all who wish to attend featuring various topics and guest speakers addressing issues that affect our community and are suggested by community members. The monthly meetings are held at 6:30pm at the Ross Boddy Community Center located at 18529 Brooke Road, Sandy Spring, Maryland.