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  Sandy Spring Community Business Excellence Award


Nichols Contracting, Inc

Dempsey's Restaurant


"Winners Up"
Kang's Black Belt Academy, Christopher's Hardware, El Andariego​

The heart of Sandy Spring has always been the commercial village center which was founded in 1819. The village center was and still is more than just the physical location of businesses; it is a community gathering place.

The first business to open in the Sandy Spring Village Center was the Post Office. It was soon followed by a general store and blacksmith shop. The Sandy Spring store still exists today (though not currently in operation) located on the original site of the first general store. As the village grew, a bakery, bank, insurance company, fire house, restaurant and gas station were added. From the very beginning, neighbors and friends did more than just patronize the businesses in the village center, it was a place to meet and greet, get the latest news, share stories, recipes, announce special occasions, rally to assist those in need and discuss local issues. Today, the character and spirit established by those founding merchants many years ago is still valued.